Everything needs a start

This is my last attempt to get the site going again - it may or may not succeed.

For the time being, it's a stump. I'm just trying out things in order to find out if this may work for me.


Man kann Inhalte vorsehen, die man erst später anzeigt - und zusätzliche Inhalte auf einer Seite zeigen und dann wieder verschwinden lassen, ohne die Seite löschen zu müssen. Praktisch.

Und ja, es ist wahrscheinlich, dass die Site zweisprachig geführt wird. Ich habe keine Lust, mich schon jetzt festzulegen - auch wenn mir keine der beiden Sprachen schwerfällt.


What is this all about?

Back in the day (more than ten years ago), maintaining a personal website, and later, a blog, was all the rage - and I participated with some enthusiasm. But then I let it fall on the wayside - mostly because a compatibility issue at one point ate my whole content after (most probably after a software update - I guess it was something to do with the PHP version ...). Now I'm trying again - with an extremely simple, hence also a bit limited tool. We'll see how it goes (and if, indeed, it goes anywhere at all).

If at any point in time the project takes of in earnest, I'll leave a short description here. For now, take this as a disclaimer - nothing to see here ...