Welcome to moonmind.net

moonmind.net was meant to be dedicated to the use and abuse of computers, networks and communication technology in general, but also about other subjects I'm interested in. However, since I don't have the time to maintain it, it's just a sort of stub.


The initial purpose was to collect, document and discuss concepts, experiences and trends in computer and network use by individuals as well as corporate and institutional entities.

Our world and our societies are changing at a rapid pace, and apart from economical and environmental considerations, the way in which we handle information (personal or public) is the most significant driving force of those changes. Social media have changed the online landscape and experience entirely.

In a very policital sense of the word, access to and distribution of information has become key - in fact, it always was throughout human history, as we learn from ancient texts and artifacts; but it has never been so easy to gather, use, misuse and manipulate information, especially about people.

The WWW is an open place where you can put pratically all kinds of information. The sharing of personal, even private information has become common and widespreads very quickly. Secrets are considered to be something to share, not to keep. Why this should be the case and if it is sensible (or even reasonable) is a completely different question - but a lot of people simply don't bother. I still do.

I'm also an outspoken advocat of Free Software and have taken part in the development of a small GNU/Linux distribution, Debris Linux (now dead).


There's not much to find here - if this changes in the future remains to be seen.


Hardware's never been something I was really interested in - except for one concept: I'm for using everything until it fails - totally. I'm not into the latest and newest hardware, but rather into using old stuff till it breaks. One result of that frame of mind is the Zoo; though I've taken to using portable computers exclusively in the last couple of years, which resulted in abandoning most of the old stuff.